We use a turn-of-the-century style roaster and the highest quality beans available to micro-roast coffee in small batches. Experience for yourself the flavor you can get only from an artisan's knowing touch, not pre-programmed machinery.

Our beans are truly roasted beans. Many commercial roasters today "bake" their beans in a solid heated drum, like a convection oven. Our roaster's perforated drum allows the flame to come directly in contact with the beans during roasting. This direct flame process is the best way to extract the intense flavor from the bean. Our method takes more time and demands more skill, but the flavor it yields is absolutely unsurpassed.

Experienced Master Roaster, Jason Troske, carefully selects the highest quality green bean coffee and hand roasts it in our turn-of-the-century style roaster. With knowledge, experience, and a careful eye, Jason roasts the beans by hand in small batches. This process allows him to manipulate the subtle flavor nuances of each batch, bringing the coffee beans to their ultimate flavor perfection.

At every stage of production stands a knowledgeable and passionate human being - not a pre-programmed machine.

We regard single-origin beans like vintners regard grapes. Today there are many species of coffee available. Some coffees on the market that are called premium or gourmet are actually cut with inferior grade beans. We use 100% Coffea Arabica, a species of coffee considered to be the best. The plant is hardier, and the final commodity has a better aroma and a richer, more intense flavor.

Each coffee producing country yields a crop with unique flavor nuances. Within each growing region we additionally seek out the finest single coffee estates proven to produce that regions top grade beans.

Our Mission has always been to celebrate and offer only the most unique flavors from each distinct coffee growing region on the globe.

At ClubJava.com, we offer two distinct brands for you to choose from. Although they are different from each other, they are designed to work together harmoniously to bring you and your customers the freshest and best beans available today.

Boulder Coffee Company's rich & bold flavors are exactly what consumers are looking for right now! Customers want their coffee to be an experience in flavor and to take them on a journey! Boulder Coffee Company provides that opportunity with its bold tastes!

Java Joe's was started at the Rochester Public Market over 20 years ago. Locals & Market regulars quickly made it a Rochester staple. Now part of ClubJava.com, you can still find many of the wonderful regular & flavored coffees you knew!

Our main brand, and the star of our show! Boulder Coffee Company produces our finest blends, expertly crafted by our Master Roaster, and the best single-origin varieties from across the globe.

The focus is on finding high quality beans from exotic locales around the world. The Boulder Coffee Company line carries beans from multiple continents, chosen for their quality and specific flavor nuances of the particular growing region.

ClubJava.com acquired the Java Joe’s brand in 2008, after it was already well established in the Greater Rochester area. It is our commitment to continue the tradition of excellence they created.

We seek out the best quality beans to produce our regular and flavored Java Joe’s coffees. They are the perfect complement to our Boulder offerings.

We offer coffee solutions for restaurants, retail, schools, government institutions, and more. Coffee business is our business - let us help you today!

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